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New climate normals 1981-2010

Estonian Weather Service has published new climate normals on January 2015. The new normals are calculated based on the period of 1981-2010. These normals replace the normals of 1971-2000.

However, the former period 1961-1990 still remains the official normal period defined by WMO and these normals are used to assess global climate change. The period of 1991 – 2020 will be used by WMO as the next reference time frame.

Estonian yearly average air temperature is 6,0 °C, based on new normals. This is 0,4 °C  higher than the normal of 1971-2000. Yearly average precipitation sum is 673 mm – this is 27 mm more than the earlier period.

Monthly normals show that Estonian average air temperature has risen on most months, only June is a bit colder than previous normals.

Normal average air temperature in Estonia,  periods 1971-2000,  1981-2010


Monthly normals show that Estonian average precipitation amount has risen on most months. Only April, September and December are a bit drier than on previous period.


Normal average precipitation amount in Estonia,  periods 1971-2000,  1981-2010

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