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A web-based solar radiation atlas

Solar radiation atlasA web-based solar radiation atlas was born as a joint initiative of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Estonia. The atlas is comprised of satellite based solar surface irradiance, direct irradiance and direct normalized irradiance maps.

Baltic solar atlas is a great regional supplement to EUMETSAT climate atlas and AEMET solar atlas for Spain. Currently used data set provides a much higher quality information than previously developed data sets. The comparison of satellite data with ground-level observations showed that the consistency of data is very high.

We are grateful to Zanita Avotniece from Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre, who initiated the project and was responsible for composing the maps. Many thanks to Justinas Kilpys from Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service, who accomplished the comparision of satellite data with ground-level measurement data.

Link to Solar Atlas 

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