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Прогноз погоды по морю

Данные модели обновляются раз в сутки в 08.30 UTC.

Forecast for Baltic Sea valid 24 hours from 19:00 UTC May 22 to 19:00 UTC May 23 2018.

Weather summary: on the Baltic Sea belt of Low.

No warnings.

Northern Baltic, Moonsund, Northern Gulf of Riga: mainly around west wind 2 to 7 m/s, in afternoon west, northwest increasing 4 to 9, in gusts to 12 m/s. Locally rain showers possible. Visibility good.

Gulf of Finland: variable wind 2 to 8 m/s, by day mainly west, southwest 4 to 9, in afternoon in gusts to 12 m/s. Locally rain showers. Visibility good.