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Weather museum

29 August 2005 was the festive opening day of the Weather Museum (officially called Permanent Meteorological and Hydrological exposition) in Harku Aerological Station. In the musem it can be seen how and with what instruments weather has been measured in Estonia.

Weather museum in Harku

Weather museum in Harku

The first measurements were made in Tallinn in the end of the XVIII century. Not many traces are left of them but visitors can see a few hundred years old weather journals. By the way, filled in with extremely neat handwriting. Apparently, already then people thought about keeping data for a long time.

Visitors are interested of course in measuring instruments for wind, temperature, soil humidity, waterflow and upper air levels research.

The latter is particularly important to the aerological station because radiosonds are being sent out up to the height 30 km. There is one room where visitors can see what the radar station from 1970 looks like.

This exposition is actually the second Weather Museum in Estonia. When the 50th anniversary of the continuous measurements of solar radiation in Estonia was celebrated in Tõravere, a small exhibition was opened displaying old instruments. The oldest date back to the 19th century.

Ain Kallis in Tõravere weather museum

Ain Kallis in Tõravere weather museum

In addition to that there are some „measuring instruments“ that are interesting for children – a so called weather house from Germany, where we can see a door open and when the weather is fine a girl appears and in case of rain – a boy. Another exhibit of German origin is Goethe`s barometer, certainly not the original – a curved pipe filled with water the level of which changes with air pressure. The famous writer and nature enthusiast used that for weather measurements every morning.

The pride of the museum is a collection of solar radiation measurements, some of them are unique in the world – made by famous local constructor Jüri Reemann.

There is a lot to watch in both expositions. The furthest enthusiasts who have visited Tõravere are from Japan and the USA.

For further information and to visit the museum please contact in advance.

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